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Temperature controlled storage service with a difference.



Icepak New Zealand Ltd is a storage and logistics business for primary producers and manufacturers specialising in dairy, horticulture, pet food, edible meats, fish, honey, pharmaceuticals, retail storage and distribution.


Our stores are fully equipped to handle a range of controlled temperatures from Blast and Plate Freezing to -30C,  and Chilled and Frozen storage at various temperatures.


Icepak operate from seven sites; Auckland, Waharoa (2 stores), Oringi, Longburn, Feilding and Christchurch with a total capacity of approximately 102,700 temperature controlled pallet spaces.


Each of the stores have their own specialities, allowing Icepak to cater to the needs of the various businesses in the region. The stores are expertly managed by individuals who have years of experience in the specialities of their individual stores.


With a stable and experienced workforce, you are guaranteed to receive service of the most superior standard – all of your storage requirements will be met, your products will be stored without the risk of damage or loss and you will receive a fault-free logistics service.


If you choose us to manage all of your storage and logistics needs, you will be dealing directly with the business owners which means greater flexibility and accountability.



Icepak specialist services include:


  • Certified cold storage for meat, dairy products, honey, pharmaceuticals and field crops.
  • A full range of logistics management including ambient, chilled & frozen storage.
  • Specialising in blast freezing, chilled and frozen storage.
  • Cold storage facilities catering to all primary producers & manufacturers.
  • Certified for dairy storage and export.
  • EU & US export licensed to process pet food.
  • Blast freezing available for all meat products.
  • Processing of pharmaceuticals & blood products.
  • Complete logistics services available.
  • Track & trace management systems.
  • Customer specification compliant – national and international.
  • Service – delivering in full on-time every time with 100% focus on accuracy.
Chilled and Frozen Storage
Door to Door Delivery
Customs Approved Transitional Facility
Manawatu Inland Port
Blast Freezing
Dry Storage
Compliance Management
Truck Docks
Railside Docking


Icepak - Coldstorage and Logistics

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