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Icepak New Zealand Ltd - a group of companies, with one common goal.



Who we are


The name ‘Icepak‘ is more than simply a brand, or just a name signifying a mere player in the local logistics industry.


Icepak has the following core attributes which make us stand out in our market:


  • A growing reputation for outstanding service and quality
  • A ‘store to door’ philosophy which has given rise to a loyal and strong customer base
  • The opportunity to expand the reach of the business (to take advantage of the increase in agricultural production and storage requirements which arise out of that)
  • Quality service, intimately understanding customer needs and delivery of value to all
  • Building a presence on the web and utilising technology effectively



We start every day with the intent to better the market through quality product and best practice service. At Icepak, our ability to determine and deliver solutions for our customers has been rewarded in glowing testimonials and the reward of repeat business.




Our Values


We respect and care about our people, customers and suppliers – “It's our business to care about your business”.


We Value our People – As our collective efforts and achievements determine our individual, team and Hall’s success.


We Value our Communities and our Environment – We acknowledge and endorse that we operate in a world with a need for standards of compliance and good corporate citizenship.


We Value High Ethical Standards of Behaviour – “Treat others as you would expect to be treated". We value trust, respect and integrity.


We Value Teamwork and Supportive Leadership – “As a Team, what we can conceive and believe, we can achieve". We value leadership that is based upon a self serving leadership style that supports collaboration and involvement, who lead by example, demonstrate consistency with our values, think systematically, are visible, have strength of character and stay focused on realising the companies goals of excellence.


We Value Innovation, Excellence, Results and Accountability – “Do it right the first time, every time" and "We are all responsible for our actions" and "Communicate with the right people, the right things, at the right time". We value success.


We Value learning through experience, coaching, mentoring and developing – “We are not afraid of admitting our mistakes as we learn from them”.

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